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A series of mounted prints available for purchase.



This series of elemental mandala collages were created during a time filled with emotional turmoil. Inspired by a Buddhist meditation practice called Metta Bhavana (Loving Kindness); I embarked on the creation of these four collages, with the objective of transmuting through creative practice, this unskillful yet natural emotional state of mind, into love, kindness and forgiveness – for the self and the other. In researching Buddhist iconography and associated symbolic meaning, homage was payed to the source of this Metta practice, by incorporating the five Buddhas with their associated correlational properties:

Akshobhya = Blue = Water = Dawn
Ratnasambhava = Yellow = Earth = Noon
Amitabha = Red = Fire = Sunset
Amoghasiddhi = Green = Air = Midnight.
Vairochana = White = Space = Timeless

** The 5th Buddha Vairochana is incorporated around the circumference of the four collages.

Each Elemental print is available in a special limited 8 edition. Printed using a Canon ImagePro 6100 12 colour printer onto 1x1mtr size hi-quality archival grade paper. Prints are mounted onto light-weight aluminum backing. See example of print in-situ at Melbourne Buddhist Center exhibit opening.

Ping me for print order details and cost.