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Music Video

The Good the Bad the Funky

Resolume + Ableton = nDVme Creating a nDVme [Non-Destructive-VJ-Mix-Edit] music video. As a child, on the occasional Saturday night I would often head to the loungeroom floor with a swath of pillows, a big bag of salt and vinegar chips and a bottle of soft drink to watch a Spaghetti Western on TV. The classic that I refer to here is The Good the Bad and the Ugly. A cult film that defined the Spaghetti… Read More »The Good the Bad the Funky

Machine Music x Art 2.01

Machine Music x Art 2.01

In this 1920×1080 HD version of original 1080×1080 ‘Machine Music x Art 2.01’ live-stream ; and 2 years since their last lock-down remote live-stream event; and post Xavier Morel’s master class set at My Aeon the previous weekend; Xavier and Adem Jaffers (aka VJ Mandala) took this unique opportunity to once again come together for an a/v jam – this time [LiVE] from an undisclosed studio location in Melbourne. Due to catastrophic software crash at… Read More »Machine Music x Art 2.01

Tiny Little Engines of Creation – ’98 Retrospect

Tiny Little Engines of Creation

RATIONALE: By challenging the potential of animation in this hybrid form, TLE – by unifying parts of the music and visual creative process – provides examples of a rhythmic symbiosis of stimuli that’s expressed in a dynamic formula of linking and transposing of ideas or information of two different mediums in a mathematically and compositionally appealing way. TREATMENT: TLE is an audio/visual experience realised completely using 3D animation only, with one objective being the experimentation… Read More »Tiny Little Engines of Creation