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Machine Music x Art 2.01

Machine Music x Art 2.01

In this 1920×1080 HD version of original 1080×1080 ‘Machine Music x Art 2.01’ live-stream ; and 2 years since their last lock-down remote live-stream event; and post Xavier Morel’s master class set at My Aeon the previous weekend; Xavier and Adem Jaffers (aka VJ Mandala) took this unique opportunity to once again come together for an a/v jam – this time [LiVE] from an undisclosed studio location in Melbourne.

Due to catastrophic software crash at eleventh hour, disabling midi loops to drive parts of show – the visuals were mixed manually, ol scool.

Also, due to audio mastering glitch, this remastered mix audio was restriped from the Rumble stream version.

With the 1:1 1080×1080 format, YouTub and Fuctbook streamlinks breaking, Ableton midi looping crashed, and master recording glitches, I am quite frankly amazed it still made it live to air. Must of been the incense we burnt beforehand!

Full video can also be viewed via VJ Mandala’s Vimeo gallery.

Original livestream can be viewed via Machine Label.

Xavier Morel’s music can be heard here, and via Machine Label.

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MACHINE Art x Music 2.01


Xavier Morel’s love of electronic music started on a faithful day in ’76 when he won Kraftwerk’s Radio Activity single at a winter fair.12 years later he was mixing at underground parties in the suburbs of London when one day he decided to go traveling. Amazingly he found his way onto a billing at Kho Phangan’s infamous New Years eve parties and then made his way to Japan. Since then Xavier has toured his sound all around Europe, Asia, Australia, the U.S.A and South America. From the mid ’90s, Xavier produced several tracks on various projects, mainly with Juno Reactor from 1996 to 2008, Prime Suspect, Section X, Eat Static, Fuel, Carcharodon, Megalodon. VX, The Delta & H229. In 2023 Xavier has just released his first solo EP ‘Destination Unknown’ as MX on Machine Label. His production have seen success with the likes of Speedy-J, Dave Clarke, Mike Parker, Bas Mooy, The Advent, Eric Sneo, Felix Krocher, Orion, Robert Liener, Arne (aka Extrawelt) etc. praising his releases.

Friday 28th July we present Machine music x art live stream 2.01 featuring Dj XAVIER MOREL (Machine Label) France & VJ Mandala supplying the optical backdrop live in a studio set up from Melbourne.

Melbourne 9PM / Tokyo 8PM / Helsinki 2PM / Paris 1PM / London 12PM / New York 7:30AM / San Francisco 4:30AM

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XAVIER MOREL / MX. (Machine Label) France

Music and art can very much touch us with the essence of symmetry, balance, fluidity, cohesion whilst their counterparts: dis-juncture, chaos, inertia, provide the tension that makes for the through line: Story.

No wonder then that Morel, a verteran of over 35 years as a producer and dj speaks in such terms. In these days where the distinction between artist and playlist are becoming less distinct, the essence of audio art is becoming distilled in it’s import.

“The most important concept in music is not the way you play your tracks but the story you make with them! Mixing and music is my passion and my career. I hope to carry and share this as long as possible!” – Xavier Morel

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VJ MANDALA (Adem Jaffers)

During a photography gig during the late ’80s, Adem was first introduced to analogue/digital video art during Future Films production of the ground-breaking music video clips for MaxQ, then soon after for Third Eye. That inspirational creative cultural impetus saw Adem pursue experimental digital art with a fervour, initially via the legendary Amiga-500 computer and analogue video-feedback.

Expanding his visual repertoire to incorporate lighting and laser; fusing these mediums into dynamic illuminated projection designs for the Psy-Harmonics, Every Picture Tells a Story and Earthdance raves, the Big Day Out, Earthcore and Rainbow Serpent festivals, internationally at Infinite Frequency (LA) and Tsunami (NYC) parties; and more recently a residency as Laser op at the established Machine monthly techno night.

With a propensity toward [the] cutting edge, Adem’s works embody and explore exo/esoteric concepts within the psychedelic, spiritual, scientific and political-cultural paradigms that the highly influential Cyber and Rave culture had embraced.

In collaboration with Cyber Dada, Adem was a seminal figure in the creation of the underground Cyberthon live electronic video-art broadcast events held at the RMITV studios and at TVU’s pop-up warehouse TV broadcast space during the early to mid-’90s. Cyberthon’s mastered recordings have been digitised into the ACMI archives.

From the mid to late nineties Adem also ventured into commercial art as a 3D animator, then specialised as a Compositor for TV series, TV adverts, music videos, documentaries, feature film as well as periodic web-based media and gaming for Unreal Pictures, Liquid VFX and other studios.

In the last decade, Adem has continued to VJ for live acts such as Taipan Tiger Girls, Monolake and Digital Primate/ Christopher Coe. A recent highlight in collaboration with Projection Teknik; Creating the 360-degree animation presentation of Ideation – which was projection mapped over the Victorian State Library’s La Trobe domed reading room during White Night festival.

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    Greatings from Switzerland by bennoH. 🐼

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    1. I did reply in the forum, but I am still only using v7.0. I was thinking of upgrading this year because I will be teaching it. So yes I would be interested in checking out your plugins mate thanks!

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