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Dark Mojo Slideshow

Adem presented the impromptu & unofficial DARK MOJO S[L]IDESHOW shopfront window installation located at 293 Liverpool Street Hobart, 16-19th June 2023.

During Dark Mofo, businesses and residents alike showed their support for the festival by changing some of their exterior and/or interior lights red.

In-line with this community spirit, and in a pirated fashion, a dual projector was set-up to cater for each shopfront window to present a curated selection of Adem’s (aka VJ Mandala) works – all tinted in mofo red!

Location access was kindly donated by veteran Hobartian mofo’rs Zenep Jaffers and David Noonan xx.

And a very extra special thanks to Zenep and Lisa Hankey for mounting screens ahead of time.



In addition to the gorilla style pirate install, and once the Tek-Gods had granted it, the visual install was also live-streamed, in a split screen fashion which was representational of the dual shopfront window install.

As a special addition to the DARK MOJO S[L]IDESHOW visual live-stream, Andrew Till‘s DJ set recorded at the Secret Sounds Of The UnderGround Dark Mofo unofficial side-event called DARK SECRET SOUNDS held at Pablo’s Cocktails And Dreams 11th June, was also live-streamed.

VMix was used on-site at installation to live-omni-stream via Restream out to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch simultaneously at 6:66 PM.

** If embedded live-streamed video archive doesn’t appear framed above, please click direct link here. **

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