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This 1:30hr VJ/DJ mix was recorded in-situ at the Medicine Dance Autumn 2023 dance event held at the Summer Healing Yoga Society in Brunswick. In this recording, DJ Mickey Space mixed up a luscious selection of rhythms that evolved across cultural and tribal boundaries both in time and space.

To accompany the music, and as part of an ongoing development of visual styling for these events held over the previous year – foraged video of folk tribal and contemporary dance, flora and fauna, cosmos and spiritual iconography were sampled, looped and experimented with in real-time. All loops were triggered manually with midi pads, no midi sequencers usedto achieve a human feel in tempo timing, to create an abstract journey consisting of juxtaposed loops.

Due to the VJ recording commencing 5-minutes into DJ set, a montage of beautiful and joyous footage that was captured live throughout the night by Videographer Jason Lim was added at the start of mix – not just to patch missing footage, but also to give the viewer a perspective of the DVJ mix in context of the event.

Enjoy the warm dance, music and visual vibes!

** PLAYBACK ERROR – Using Safari & Firefox on iOS the play button freezes. To bypass this issue, use Watch Later function (top right on video), click the Clock Icon, which will become a Tick Icon, then click List Icon under Tick Icon to play video. All other browsers on iOS work fine. **

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