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[rĕt′rə-grād″] adjective
1. Moving or tending backward.
2. Opposite to the usual order; inverted or reversed.
3. Reverting to an earlier or inferior condition.

Arriving some 32 years after Garry Hughes (DJ Uzi) and Adem Jaffers (VJ Tekno Mandala) had originally jammed together for the first time at Le Rox Nightclub in S.A (Aust) c1991. A more innocent time!

They returned to collaborate virtually in a one-off retro a/v live-stream titled RETROGR4D3. Jamming sounds and vision from the past – revamped for a more contemporary age.

DJ Uzi streamed a/v live from San Francisco, where a/v feed was received by Tekno Mandala for remix in Melbourne and re-streamed.

As an added special retro-appearance, long-time Cyberthon collaborator Till Gangemi (Don’t Shoot the Messenger aka DSTM) was live in the Melbourne studio with Tekno Mandala for a 2-way mix fusion – in glorious SD PAL 4:3 ratio.

For the Geeks – The mash up of old analogue and new digital tech between these two veteran VJ’s comprised of a Numark AVM02 mixer, Mac Pro, PC Desktop, 2x PC Laptops, Metta Machine Video Feedback rig fitted with a Canon MV900 MiniDV, A400 Pi AmiBerry Amiga 1200 emulator, Amiga 4000 with an IV24 Genlock, an Amiga 1200, Fairlight CV video processor, VHS player and a couple webcams. Using a swath of new/old school software such as VMix, Resolume, Scala and Elan Performer in the pipeline.

With enough ceremonial incense and mantras offered to the Tekno Deities, R3TROGR4D3 was a time-warped blast from the past.

This event was hosted by Cyberthon Recon Unit; which kicked off at 6pm AEST, live-stream commenced at 6:06 PM AEST and to rumble to 8:08 PM AEST via the R3TROGR4D3 Rumble channel ONLY!

The original 1991 Le Rox a/v mix [which has had the 3rd highest hits of all videos since THUMP was released] is also available here.


Due to lack of incense and/or correct mantras – technical difficulties preventing us from receiving a clean live a/v stream from DJ Uzi, forced the choice some 15-20min into live-stream event to source an existing Mixcloud audio only recording.

After event the downloaded Rumble live-stream master recording was taken into post-edit where cosmetic tweaks were made, such as:

  1. added another Uzi audio and video recording,
  2. reduced edit from 2hrs to 1.5hrs, to match new audio length,
  3. added 30sec promotional video to start,
  4. added graphic overlay with show title to blend frames,
  5. added artist icons/names on frames,
  6. added more color tint to all artist webcams,
  7. added event titles/slates as full-screen – in some places where they originally occurred mid sized,
  8. added audio echo at end,
  9. added original Amiga Guru Meditation at end to match stream ending,
  10. added an edit of in-situ footage captured by Alex to bottom studio cam view.

Then end result is a homage to early 90’s RAVE culture – Melbourne style!


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