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The Good the Bad the Funky

Resolume + Ableton = nDVme Creating a nDVme [Non-Destructive-VJ-Mix-Edit] music video. As a child, on the occasional Saturday night I would often head to the loungeroom floor with a swath of pillows, a big bag of salt and vinegar chips and a bottle of soft drink to watch a Spaghetti Western on TV. The classic that I refer to here is The Good the Bad and the Ugly. A cult film that defined the Spaghetti… Read More »The Good the Bad the Funky


[rĕt′rə-grād″] adjective1. Moving or tending backward.2. Opposite to the usual order; inverted or reversed.3. Reverting to an earlier or inferior condition. Arriving some 32 years after Garry Hughes (DJ Uzi) and Adem Jaffers (VJ Tekno Mandala) had originally jammed together for the first time at Le Rox Nightclub in S.A (Aust) c1991. A more innocent time! They returned to collaborate virtually in a one-off retro a/v live-stream titled RETROGR4D3. Jamming sounds and vision from the… Read More »R3TROGR4D3 (REMIX)

The Kaiber Pass

The Kaiber Pass Co[n]v|d AI remix series #4 AI remixes of a series of works created during the Melbourne lockdowns. Kaiber AI was used with various prompts/seeds that are notes below. The Kaiber Pass Co[n]v|d AI remix #1Prompt = virus, in the style of 3D, octane render, 8k, ray-tracing, blender, hyper-detailed (1686102824183) The Kaiber Pass Co[n]v|d AI remix #2Prompt = virus, in the style of in the style of nature 3d cinematic hyper-real organic abstract… Read More »The Kaiber Pass

The Rum[A]i Proet Series

As AI has opened up the domain of the visual creation process into the mouths of the original word-smiths;The Poets + Prompters = the Proets! I have begun this first of an ongoing series of AI generated art created by using Rumi’s poetry as the prompt. Unfold Your Own Myth – by Rumi Who gets up earlyto discover the moment light begins?Who finds us here circling, bewildered, like atoms?Who comes to a spring thirstyand sees… Read More »The Rum[A]i Proet Series


WHAT AUDIO HIJINX – IFP Reunion Party > After collaborating together during several ‘This is Not a Test’ live-stream audio vj mix series throughout the harsh Melbourne lockdowns, Adem Jaffers and Sharul Ariff – aka ‘The Muzzy Brothers’ – will bring their unique online collaboration together ‘live’ for the first time at the IF Reunion party at Avalon the Bar on 26th May at 8pm.



Recorded live DVJ Mix > This 1:30hr VJ/DJ mix was recorded in-situ at the Medicine Dance Autumn 2023 dance event held at the Summer Healing Yoga Society in Brunswick. In this recording, DJ Mickey Space mixed up a luscious selection of rhythms that evolved across cultural and tribal boundaries both in time and space. To accompany the music, and as part of an ongoing development of visual styling for these events held over the previous… Read More »MEDICINE DANCE – DVJ MIX

Tiny Little Engines of Creation – ’98 Retrospect

Tiny Little Engines of Creation

RATIONALE: By challenging the potential of animation in this hybrid form, TLE – by unifying parts of the music and visual creative process – provides examples of a rhythmic symbiosis of stimuli that’s expressed in a dynamic formula of linking and transposing of ideas or information of two different mediums in a mathematically and compositionally appealing way. TREATMENT: TLE is an audio/visual experience realised completely using 3D animation only, with one objective being the experimentation… Read More »Tiny Little Engines of Creation